A community validator on the Chain

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7% APR
Reward Rate

5 %
Sustainable Validator Commission

Block signature rate

Looking for a reliable validator to stake your CRO assets?

Relax and have a seat, you're in the right place !

Secure. Reliable. Dedicated.

always on

All validators and sentries are hosted in Tier 3 datacenters

24/7 monitoring and alerting

Our systems are designed to self-heal, and automatically or manually switch to backups in case anything goes wrong

>99.9% signature rate

Eliminating the risk of penalties and maximizing returns

Strenghening the community

We've been early adopters of products, and we happily doing our part in strengthening the chain

More than a simple validator

In addition of earning up to 7% APR on your CRO stake, you get access to dashboards and alerts to monitor it.

Earn rewards on every block

We maintain a constant > 99.9% signature rate. Check the numbers for yourself !

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Our vision

Providing a reliable validator to CRO community members who want to support the growth of the chain, funded by a low but sustainable fee.

Earn 7% on your CRO with a reliable validator

Delegate securely using your wallet.

Delegate with us

7% APR
Reward Rate

5 %
Sustainable Validator Commission

Block signature rate

Mainnet validator

Fill the form below to receive detailed instructions and receive updates, or delegate directly to this address : crocncl1kpjk50aeseqxltvkeclr5qzxq5eggt7ddelfgg explorer


How does delegation works?

You may delegate your CRO to a validator and collect your rewards using the DeFi Wallet

You stay in full control of your cryptos and your keys at all times.

For the complete instructions, check out our full CRO Staking Guide

What is the expected reward ?

As explained in the Blog, delegation rewards are set at ~20% p.a. for active participants of the network at Mainnet launch on 25 March 2021. Currently the reward rate is set a approximately 7%

There's no staking minimum.

What infrastructure do you operate?

We are big belivers of the chain, and predict that there will be massive adoption in the months to come.
Therefore, only validators run professionnaly using redundant systems are up to the task of securing the network
This is why we actively maintain the following systems :

  • Sentry nodes and validator hosted a Tier-3 datacenters
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting.
  • Automated and manual failover

We invest a lot of efforts in to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In case of failure, network attack, missing blocks... backup systems will replace the main ones and we are immediately alerted.

How do you use the earned commissions?

We use those earnings to :

  • Strengthen and Maintain our validator infrastructure
  • Develop new services for the people who delegate funds to us
  • Run promotions and special events

How much commission do you charge?

As our mission is to help the long term growth of the Chain, it is very important for us to stay independent, and continue operating. For this reason, we have chosen a fee of 5%, that is in line with the operating costs.

We pledge to keep the commission at 5% in 2021.

I have additional questions! How can I contact you?

We would be very happy to chat !
Just drop us an email at !

You may also join our Telegram group

100% dedicated to the Chain

We put all our efforts in developing our infrastructure and services for the chain.
We do not have plans on supporting other blockchains.

Stay tuned for future updates

  • Mainnet Launch

    25 March, 2021

    Our Mainnet validator infrastructure was launched on day one !

  • Staking Calculator

    25 March, 2021

    To explain chain staking economics, we have released our Staking Calculator

  • Staking amount alerts

    July 2021

    Using our CRO Telegram Bot, your staking gains in real time, be notified when you attain a certain amount.

  • Validator monitoring

    May 2021

    Be notified when one of your validators goes offline, increases commissions...

  • Automated restaking

    April 2022

    Added support for automated re-staking using Restake.