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How often should you claim your CRO to maximize returns ?

Find the optimal interval between claiming/restaking

CRO staking : what's APY ? per annum ? Fees ?

When you stake your CRO on a validator, you get a proportional amount of rewards that accumulate over time. Those rewards do not themselves generate rewards. To do so, you have to claim and restake them periodically to optimize returns.

However, each claim/restake costs you some fixed fees. This means that you have to balance between the two (if your stake is small).

Here is a small calculator you can use to determine the optimal delay between two claim/restakes !

CRO staking calculator

1. Input the current stake and rewards rate

2. Then use this slider to find the optimum interval

days ({{ Math.round(vintervalinput * 24)}} h)

3. Calculation results

If you stake {{ vstakeinput.toLocaleString() }} CRO at {{ vpainput }} % p.a. and you continuously restake every {{ vintervalinput }} days (that's {{ Math.round(vintervalinput * 24)}} hours).
In 365 days, your stake will reach {{Math.round(profit- (profit -vstakeinput)* vcommissioninput/100).toLocaleString() }} CRO.

👉 Restaking periodically your rewards will have earned you an extra {{Math.round( profit - vstakeinput*(1-vcommissioninput/100)*vpainput/100 - vstakeinput - (profit -vstakeinput)* vcommissioninput/100).toLocaleString()}} CRO 🤑 !

you will have done a total of {{(365 / vintervalinput).toFixed(0)}} restakes, therefore paying a total of {{(365 * vtransgasfee *2 / vintervalinput).toFixed(3)}} CRO in fees
they have been deducted from your calculated profit

Your validator will have earned a total of {{Math.round((profit -vstakeinput)* vcommissioninput/100 ).toLocaleString()}} CRO in commissions

👋 Also, you can save {{Math.round((profit -vstakeinput)* (vcommissioninput-5)/100 ).toLocaleString()}} CRO / year by delegating with us instead ;)

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