CROBot, your friendly bot for the CRO chain

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Meet CRObot!

CROBot is a Telegram Bot that can perform many useful tasks, like sending you reminders when you have too much unclaimed CRO staking rewards 🛎️💰
If you stake CRO on the chain, it is your ideal companion bot 😊

CROBot the Telegram bot

Never forget to claim and restake your CRO staking rewards

If you have taken a look at our Staking Calculator, you know that claiming and restaking your rewards often is important to maximize your gains.
Because your stake changes constantly, and the APY is dynamic, knowing when to claim restake can be difficult.

To make your staking easier and more efficient, CROBot constantly tracks CRO rewards and messages you when your stake reaches a certain amount. Set it and forget it !

Note : To perform his duties, CROBot will need access to your public address.

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A community validator on the Chain

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13% APY
Reward Rate

5 %
Validator Commission

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